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After the success of our Open Studios event last year, we decided to open our doors again, this year inviting businesses in for a mini taster version of our brand workshop.

We offered up eight 1.5 hour sessions, which were snapped up almost immediately. We welcomed a range of businesses, from a start up social app, a fellow creative agency, to a swimwear designer. The workshop can be applied to any kind of business. The aim is to help clients to start thinking about their brand from the foundations up in a different and creative way.

Here at Puree we strongly believe that the most successful brands are those that really know themselves, know the audience they want to engage, and know what they believe in. In the workshops we help clients get right under the skin of their business and find some intrinsic core values that their audiences can relate to on an emotional level.

The workshop, which was a condensed version of our half/full day workshops, used a series of exercises to focus’s on 5 key areas;


Based on Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ concept, we help the business uncover a deeper, emotion driven reason for the existence of their business. Simon Sinek tells us that the best and most effective way to engage an audience is to appeal to them on an emotional level, so rather than starting a message with ‘What’ you do, start with ‘Why’ you do it, or the purpose (beyond profit).


In the case of these mini taster workshops we look at audiences in our SEED questionnaire which was filled out by our attendees before the session. However, in our full length brand workshops we spend quite some time building audience profiles with the client. By understanding who it is the business needs to engage, they can ensure they are talking to them in a way that speaks to and engages the right people.

Core brand values

A businesses brand values should be reflected in everything they do, it helps present a consistent message that builds customer recognition and trust. Defining a set of ‘unique’ brand values can set a business apart from it’s competitors. In this exercise we help the client build a small collection of words, that embody their unique values. We help them move past the typical words like ‘professional’ and ‘trustworthy’ that nearly all businesses start with, and define more distinctive values.


It’s possible that this exercise is the most popular, it uses Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes to help the client get to know their business personality better and to clarify how they want to be perceived by their audience.

Carl Jung theorised that there are 60 common archetypes recognisable in storytelling throughout history, for example the joker, the hero, the guardian etc. If a business can clearly define, and align their behaviour, language and visuals consistently with their archetype(s) they will find it easier to project a consistent personality and engage more deeply with their audience, who will inherently recognise the archetype.

Visual sliders

This exercise can be very effective when commissioning design. Most business owners find they have a rough idea in their head of how they want their brand to look visually, but then struggle to articulate that to a designer. Others have absolutely no idea, and need help to start visualising what kind of image their company should have. We present the client with pairs of visual styles and ask them to plot the position of where they see themselves on a slider between the two. This is a really effective way to get an understanding of what the client wants their brand to look like.

During this exercise we can also explore their answers in relation to the results of the previous exercises on audience and brand values. For example, perhaps the client wants to lean strongly towards ‘hand crafted’ as a visual style, together we can examine if we think their audience would relate to that, or if it represents their core brand values.

We had a great response to the mini brand workshops, many attendees tweeting about it afterwards:

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