Brighton Fuse 2 Freelancers Report

Report and infographic design for the Brighton Fuse 2 Freelancers study.

Report Design and Infographics

After the first Brighton Fuse report which explored the CDIT (Creative, Digital and IT) Cluster in Brighton, we were eagerly anticipating this follow on research, which looks at how freelancers work within the cluster. Not only do we each have freelance backgrounds, but we also work closely with freelancers on a regular basis, so the findings were of particular interest.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to be asked to design the report, which sheds light on the lives, successes and challenges of freelancers in the industry, challenging ideas that the self employed are a sub-class of workers.

Our aim was to make sure the findings were presented in the most effective and engaging way. Jonathan and his team at Brighton and Sussex Universities had put a huge amount of work into this report and we wanted to make sure that their most exciting findings were really showcased.

Thinking about the audience for this report, we knew it needed to speak to people working in the Brighton CDIT, but also academics and government policy makers. The report needed to be easy to digest, but also credible on an academic level. We felt that we could best appeal to both audiences with a report embellished with a set of impactful infographics to emphasise the most interesting and important findings. Knowing that the use of visual aids not only aid information retention and persuasiveness but also engagement when shared online. Infographics seemed the ideal way to deliver a report with two ways of reading – those interested in the detail could read from cover to cover whilst those wishing to get a quick overview of the headlines could perhaps read the executive summary and infographics. The strong visuals could then also be used by the team to share on social media, strengthening the conversation and sharing of the findings online.

Brightonians are a proudly creative breed and we love a nod to our city, so introducing hints of Brighton through illustration and colour palette – which featured the famous Brighton Green. We also introduced a paper cut style to lift the infographics off the page and inject some personality.

The report was presented for the first time at the Sallis Benny theatre, Brighton on Jan 2015. If you‘d like to view the full report you can download it here.


University of Brighton