Delvaux branding and web design

Brand development, illustration, print and web design for Delvaux Chocolates.

We were engaged by Delvaux to help them reinvent their brand and website to reflect a change is direction and focus on a wider range of audiences and confectionery types. We began the process with our SEED branding workshop, organising a number of exercises and discussions to truly understand the personality and essence of Delvaux and it’s audiences. This information was vital in contributing to the new branding as applied to their stationery and new website.

For the site we wireframed and worked in collaboration with the client and developers to create a site with a fresh branded personality, calls to action and good UX. We also organised and art directed a photo shoot of the products.

As part of the web and stationery design we created a number of illustrations to show colour swatches and confectionary flavours and add texture throughout.

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