NetBin Interface Design

Interface design and UX advice for the Netbin desktop and mobile applications.

UX-focused Application Interface Design

Farsite Communications have developed an exciting system that utilises the internet of things. The first of these products is Netbin, a sophisticated monitoring system that aims to revolutionise the way waste disposal companies plan their collection routes by monitoring and analysing information communicated to a central ‘hub’ from sensors in individual bins.

We were tasked with designing interfaces for both the desktop and mobile application and we played an instrumental part in the UX of the system, advising on the architecture and functionality of the apps from a usability perspective.

Initially we designed a selection of key pages and provided an extensive set of style guidelines, to allow the developers to quickly reference things like button styles, list styling, general page styling and how colour coding should be used to build up meaning and signposting for the user. We gave advice and specific feedback on the usability of pages and offered solutions to make the interfaces more intuitive. Alongside the desktop web app we created designs for an android app used by refuse collection drivers to follow routes and report problems back to the hub.

We also developed the brand for Netbin, to read more about that click here



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