Open Studios Poster Illustration

We were commissioned to design event flyers and posters which included a bespoke vector illustration for the Bright Digital Festival Open Studios.

The Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) Open Studios event is coordinated by Wired Sussex as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. We were commissioned to design the event flyers and posters, which included a bespoke vector illustration.

The event attracts a wide range of CDIT professions, and is hosted by companies that specialise in everything from graphic design, game design, web development, to SEO and marketing. With this in mind we were tasked with creating an illustration that represents as many of those skills as possible. We chose to create a collection of items that might be found in a CDIT professional’s back-pack.

The illustration needed to fit with both the Wired Sussex and BDF2015 brands, as well as the existing Creative, Digital & IT Open Studios logo.


Wired Sussex