Pulse Business Energy- brochure

Having recently had a new website created, Pulse Business Energy wanted to bring all of their marketing materials up to date.

Printed Marketing Materials

They regularly present to potential clients and wanted to create a ‘leave behind’ document, that could also be customised depending on the particular client. But also building in longevity as some facts and figures are regularly updated.

The solution?

We created a sleek presentation folder with a collection of loose leaf A4 information sheets, from which they could select the appropriate pages, customising the content for different audiences easily, and enabling individual pages to be updated when needed without reprinting everything

We extended the brand assets to include an illustration and diagram style. Establishing a style for the information sheets that would work with varying content. We also had to develop ways to present quite complex and detailed information in an engaging yet professional manner.


Pulse Business Energy

I would highly recommend Puree for anyone looking for professional, creative and quality work. Puree have been extremely helpful and personable in their services. We are lucky we found such driven and intelligent people.