Pulse Business Energy Infographic

Long standing client Pulse Business Energy wanted to create an infographic that explains to the layman what their energy bill pays for.

Infographic Design

Pulse wanted to create something useful and shareable for both their target market – mainly financial controllers of large businesses – but also for the general public. They recognise the importance of brand awareness as an accompaniment to conversion focused marketing, they want to build a reputation for being well known, friendly, well respected and knowledgable.

Pulse have a strong clean brand identity that is quite corporate, but on this occasion, with a wider general public audience in mind, they wanted to create something a bit lighter – introducing some new colours whilst still maintaining a taste of the Pulse brand. With this in mind we worked on developing a new colour palette to accompany the pulse blue. We also developed a more light hearted illustration style.

As with all our infographic work we spent time considering the information that needed to be presented. Pulse like to hand over the creative thinking to us completely so we were able to freely consider the content and how to best present the statistics in an impactful way.


Pulse Business Energy

I would highly recommend Puree for anyone looking for professional, creative and quality work. Puree have been extremely helpful and personable in their services. We are lucky we found such driven and intelligent people.