Rockpool IT Solutions Web Design

Rockpool IT Solutions approached us to develop a custom frontend & illustrations for their Wordpress website

Custom web design for WordPress

Rockpool IT approached us to help them design their web presence. They were developing their own theme, in-house, from scratch which gave us an open book in terms of what we could do. As existing brand assets encompassed only a logo, we developed a brand language, colour palette & visual style appealing to both their more mature established business audience, and their younger potential employees in the up-and-coming digital sector in Brighton.


We developed an illustrative style for Rockpool IT which was clean and contemporary, and produced image assets for the different services they offer. Taking inspiration from a rocky shoreline with watery blues, rocky shades and a dash of ‘star fish’ orange as highlight colour we developed a colour palette which gave the brand it’s own unique feel. We first designed each page in wireframe form to establish how the content would function and fit together, including wireframes for mobile to ensure that the site would work and respond well on all devices. Once agreed we translated these into a set of designed and illustrated templates that Rockpool’s developer could use to build the site.


Rockpool IT Solutions