Sussex Wildlife Trust Brand Development

Sussex Wildlife Trust commissioned us to bring their branding up to date.

We were delighted to be chosen from a shortlist of design companies to develop the Sussex Wildlife Trust brand. Inextricably linked to the national brand and its iconic badger logo, we were faced with the challenge of updating the branding for Sussex Wildlife Trust, whilst preserving the link to the national brand and giving the Sussex organisation it’s own unique feel.

The project started with an in depth brand discovery workshop ran jointly with our copywriting partners The Copy House. We invited selected members of staff from the charity, picked to represent a cross section of roles from across the charity, including a selection of ground level staff to attend. Enabling us to get under the skin of the organisation, through the eyes of those at the heart of it. We facilitated a series of exercises that uncovered how the brand is and should be positioned, establishing key target audiences and brand values and characteristics, and surfacing language and visual clues for the brand development.

The staff really engaged with the process with various points of view aired and discussed, which gave us plenty of fascinating material for the next stage in the process. After the workshop we interpreted the information gathered into a brand discovery document which would then inform all of our visual and language decisions.

An extensive brand look and feel was developed and a brand book produced, containing everything from the basics like the updated logo and usage guidelines, colours and fonts, photography style and more in depth applications of the graphic devices and guidance for on-brand copy writing and key messages.

We went on to design a number of printed assets for the Sussex Wildlife Trust including membership leaflets, corporate partnership brochures and door to door leaflets.



Sussex Wildlife Trust

It’s been a pleasure to work with Puree and we’ve been impressed at their understanding of our complex requirements and the way they were able to get under the skin of our organisation and develop our brand identity for us. We’re delighted with the quality of everything produced and the clear way in which Puree Design worked with us along the way.