A quick survey for web designers (about developers!)

Last year we got a great response for our survey for developers, getting to the bottom of what frustrated them most with working with designers. This has been instrumental in the development of our ‘charter’ for how we work with developers, (read it here) and we continue to work on improving that working relationship.

But now we thought it only fair to get the other side of the story – asking web designers about their experience with devs. So designers, here is your chance to vent, and have your say, and perhaps help improve the designer/developer relationship for the better…

1:What are your top three frustrations with working with developers / handing over website or interface designs to developers?

2:What is the number one thing developers could do to make your job easier / improve the design/build process?

3:How important do you feel development is to the success of a web project?

Not importantVery important

4:Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience of working with developers?

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