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Why you should work for us!

You may have heard we’re recruiting for a Senior designer with new business experience to join us here at Puree Design. You may be asking what it’s like to work at our micro design agency? Well here are a few of the main differences. Peppered with some quotes from Meg who’s been with us for more than two and a half years, and has been kind enough to share her experience so far.

Get involved

We actively avoid hierarchical company structures and project managers / account managers who sit between our designers and the client. We believe both parties benefit when client and designer get to talk direct. It cuts out a lot of Chinese whispers and makes the job more satisfying for the designer. Thats why we’ll be looking for someone with great time and project management skills so they can confidently manage their own projects.

I’ve found working at Puree Design isn’t like working at other agencies, it’s far more rewarding, as the team is small you are actively involved in nearly everything that’s going on. I’ve found I’ve been able to truly take ownership of the jobs I am working on, building strong and enjoyable relationships with our clients. It’s great to see a project through from start to finish – from the first phone call or meeting, the creative process to the satisfaction of sending an invoice for the work at the end. And when you’ve done some great work, the client knows it was you – not just an unknown designer, which feels great. Because you’re able to really immerse yourself in a project I’ve found it leads to creating much better design work – work that really fulfils the client’s brief, because you’ve been so active in it, and the client relationship, right from the start that you have an in-depth understanding of what is needed.

Flexible hours and pay for every hour you work

This is an important point of difference to most design agencies in the field. I’ve come from a background of freelancing at large design agencies and the assumption that designers don’t have a family or a life to go home to in the evening is just plain wrong. Family or not, we aim for everyone to go home on time and if you do for some reason end up staying late you can swap it for time off or be paid for the time. No one does their best work when they have been up all night, and everyone likes to feel their hours spent on a project are valued both emotionally and financially. We manage our projects as much as possible to ensure that what we’ve promised can be delivered on time without burning the midnight oil. If you have commitments outside of work we’ll work together to figure out a schedule or flexible hours that work for everyone.

Another benefit of working at Puree is the flexibility, I’ve been able to mould my working week to fit around my personal commitments much more than I would have been able to in a larger agency. Also overtime is never expected, and always paid – which is rare in the creative industry.

Do creative work for diverse clients

We also make sure that ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ everyone gets their share of the creative work – every agency has their bread and butter work, and then there are those briefs that are super creative – we make sure everyone gets a piece of the pie. If there is a certain kind of client you want to work for, then the power is in your hands to make it happen, as we all contribute to finding new business.

In addition, Martine is a talented creative director. She makes every effort to ensure her employees are happy, taking time to listen to their needs and will always do what she can to accommodate them. She is always conscious of ensuring the balance of creative work is evenly distributed and tries her best to give opportunities to develop in other areas. She is invested in the development of the employees that work for her.

Work on something truly rewarding

Being a big part of a small team means you really do get to have your say and shape the Puree Design of tomorrow. We are offering a bonus / equity scheme for the right candidate, so that when the company succeeds you reap the financial benefits too. Then there’s the satisfying feeling that you are doing something a little more than just ‘going to work’. We’ll be building something we can all be proud of, together.

Being involved in the shaping of the business is extremely rewarding, it means you are really able to make a stamp on the company you work for, and genuinely feel part of it’s success.

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