SEED Design Process

On an exciting new project it would be easy to jump straight into the sketching and designing, but we have found that a more considered and structured design approach yields much more effective and creative results…

We recognise that commissioning design work can sometimes be a daunting step into the unknown, but no need to worry! Our aim is always to make working with us easy, straight forward and jargon free. The SEED design process makes it crystal clear exactly how our design process works and what you can expect from us at each stage.

Our process is specifically designed to apply as much research and understanding as we can into our work, which allows us to evolve and deliver truly considered creative work that answers and excels the brief. The other thing you’ll notice, is that your input is vital. We won’t be disappearing into the ether and then delivering a finished design without your input. We value your unique insight into your organisation, and we’ll colaborate with you as part of our team to evolve and evaluate appropriate designs that tick all the boxes.

The 4 steps of the SEED design process help us deliver the very best design solutions.

They also summarise how we work, so you know what to expect.



We study your brief, or if there isn’t one we help develop it. We strive to understand your audience, competitors, brand personality, examining your existing brand assets and goals. This helps form a set of criteria that the finished design needs to deliver on.



We start to evolve a design that reflects your brand. At this point all of our research from the ‘Study’ stage serves as inspiration and guidance to form an appropriate design solution. All good design work is a result of evolution and experimentation.



Once we have some initial designs we ‘Evaluate’. We look back with you at what we learnt in our ‘Study’ stage, to make sure that our work meets all the criteria we set. If it’s not spot on we return to the ‘Evolve’ stage until we get it right.



Finally we deliver a design that is a perfect reflection of your brand. Because we will have involved you throughout the ‘evolve and evaluate’ process you can feel confident that we’ve crafted a design that satisfies and hopefully excels the brief!

SEED Workshops:

Getting the study phase right is the key to the perfect design outcome

From experience we’ve found the most successful design projects are those that start with an in depth study process – and we find the most effective way to kick start this is to run a workshop with the client. We encourage anyone who will play a key part in the sign off of a project to attend. Also sometimes key members of teams within your organisation, who’s different perspectives can be informative. If appropriate we also invite along one of our copywriting partners – this way we can make sure that everyone working on the project is singing from the same hymn sheet – right from the start.

Most often we run this kind of workshop for branding projects – but they can also be useful at the start of any larger project, particularly if it involves something new for the client – like a new product, service or target market.

During the workshop we’ll facilitate a number of exercises and discussions to explore your project in depth. We’ll look at who your competitors are and how your brand will stand within the competitor landscape, identifying your key audiences and what makes them tick, archetypes, brand personality and ‘essence’. Many clients come out of this workshop feeling a greater sense of direction and clarity for their business.

Most importantly we all leave the workshop with a clear set of objectives for the project – which we can refer back to during the design process. We will have explored what success looks like and how we might measure it, and as a result we will have in place the strongest foundations for delivering the perfect design solution.

Need help starting a large design project on the right foot?

We love working with businesses who understand the value that good, informed design can add to a product or service and we understand that finding the right design team is important. This is why we offer our SEED workshop as a stand alone service – this means that if you’re anxious about making a large investment in design at a stage when you are unsure of your business’ direction or viability, you can commission us initially just for a SEED workshop – theres no commitment to take the project any further.

The beauty of this is that by the end of the workshop process you’ll have a clear and detailed brief that gives you such a solid direction that you could hand it to any designer. Of course we’re sure that, like all our clients, you’ll find you get on with us so well that you’d like to commission us to take on the whole project – but you’re under no obligation to do so!

If you like the sound of our SEED design process then why not get in touch, we’re always happy to talk.