Bees on the roof of a casino. A first… Installed since last Thursday on the roof of the Barrière casino-theater in Toulouse. The bees nested quietly, already taking their little habits and their landmarks. The goal of the association “Abeillement vôtre” is to educate the population on a decline in the reproduction and disappearance of bees in France.

Nothing dangerous in appearance. The bees have started their work. Almost 35% of them left to forage and bring back water and food. The queen, who can lay up to 2000 eggs a day, hurries to settle in her new home. Over 70% of the bees have decided to stay and clean the hive.

The purpose of this process is to give the casino a publicity stunt. But not only. The bee mortality rate has a direct link with all the products that beekeepers usually leave in the fields every year. One way to make people aware of the mortality of this threatened species, but not dangerous for humans. This association, founded in 2010, wishes to focus above all on educational work.

Within companies, everything goes like clockwork. Everyone contributes. In direct partnership with the national beekeeping union, certain companies such as Orange or GRDF have helped the association achieve its ultimate goal. Contribute to their reproduction.

Bees are now very threatened and play an ecological role essential to life on earth.

The aim of the association is to give the opportunity to several companies to install several rich people on the roof of the establishments and to allow to collect more than 10 kilos of honey per hive. Restaurants and brasseries could follow the trend by offering honey to their customers collected directly from the roofs of their own beehives. The “Abeillement vôtre” association wishes to play on this type of marketing mode and share the idea.

Bees do not sting or bite. They only attack each other when they feel attacked. Once the fear is overcome, you can trust it completely. Its purpose is to produce honey and to contribute to the social life and reproduction of its pairs. This flying species is a real hard worker who watches very little television and never plays casino games. After the Toulouse gaming establishment gave permission, your clothing team got down to business. A few hours after the installation of the beehives, the bees had immediately started their locations and their honey production. Let’s go for an ecological adventure.

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